where is my bicycle light?

who knows, who cares, who —

i know it dropped off my bag, where

i had clipped it,

when i jumped over a bump

near Stanmore Library

where i once spent a day

breathing stale air

it’s a tiny library housed in a painted container


anyway i picked it up in the dark, twinkle twinkle ruby star

and a fellow cyclist in a ‘SYDNEY TO THE GONG’ shirt,

with crazy lights (blue on his wheels, and red behind),

braked and asked, “You alright?”

without turning his head so i still don’t know how old he was

i said, “just dropped my light, i’m fine,”

and he pushed off into the blinking dark

and then i clipped my light back on my bag

and cycled home, up and down the hills

curving around empty roundabouts


that was two sunsets ago

it’s not anywhere on or in my bag

it’s nowhere in my room that i can see

if only i had left it on

it would be easier to find

where my bicycle light is