if you’ve watched ‘Arrival‘ (2016)

(and don’t read on unless you have)

you’d have been introduced

to time travel of the mind



Sapir-Whorf hypothesis aside,

we don’t need an alien language

to reimagine the timeline of our being

or the persistence of the essence

of the truth to our existence


try this

try going through today

always remembering

that all you are doing is making memories,

that what you are doing right now in the present

will be a part of your past

in three



when dreamers try to lucid dream

they train

in the day

by performing ‘reality checks’, which are

little actions that test the moment to see

if it is of the real world or the dream one


reality checks don’t take for granted the possibility

that you are HERE, NOW


you and i,

we are everywhere

at all times


tomorrow will be today

today becomes yesterday

today was once tomorrow

yesterday was once today