This might be my most mundane post yet, and it possibly does not qualify to be on this particular wordpress.

It is about me giving baked goods to my friends.

A few days ago, my bicycle fell 1.6 meters from the bike repair stand on campus.

By the time I realized the handlebars were badly skewed, I had already pedaled away.

Also, my lock had fallen cleanly off the milk crate strapped to my rear rack.

The next day, I brought my bike to Recycles, where E. from Scotland (but now Sydney resident) is boss.

He is one of my earliest friend-acquaintances here, and is always gifting me things like: advice, motivation, a little bag that fits under seatposts, and a dunlop mini air pump.

I brought him two of my Morning Glory muffins: almonds, cashew, dried sultanas, carrot strips, poppy seed, etc.

Then I headed to school and found my bike lock, undisturbed in the dirt.


Yesterday, I baked scones with huge red raisins and thick cream (Australia’s version of heavy cream).

They were the best scones I had ever baked—previous scone attempts were either too dry or wet.

i brought two out for my climbing partners.

M doesn’t have any daughters, and told me, “Not many people bake nowadays.”

W was recovering from a sore throat, so I told him to keep it in the freezer.

These two small things gave me big joy.