a beloved acquaintance-old friend once told me i was quite possibly sick in the mind (“twisted”), for all my interest in and embrace of the experimental, transgressive, uncanny, and sickening

this formally began after the Harvard Film Archive screening of Possession (1981) in my freshman year of college, where Isabelle Adjani was as captivating as she was terrifying

soon after, i sought out David Lynch, novels like American Psycho, and worthy click-bait like TasteOfCinema.com’s ‘17 Disturbing Horror Movies You Will Never Watch Again

but i was doing ‘this’ way before college, borrowing Richard Laymon, Stephen King, Koji Suzuki, and Hannibal’s Thomas Harris from Singapore’s libraries

and on this Friday night, in the first semester of my postgrad program, i got a night pass to the 10th Sydney Underground Film Festival

i got more than my money’s worth with ‘Oziploit!’ (short films), Hooligan Sparrow (documentary), and We Are The Flesh (narrative)

gripping, gasping, gagging scenes from Oziploit include: suicide by screwdriver; an unsimulated bulimic episode that happens after the protagonist chugs water and devours Pocky biscuits (soundtrack: Kit Chan’s performance of ‘Home‘); a baby made of bathtub mold; a woman’s palm serving as an ashtray; that same woman’s blood providing the paint (shot from a syringe) for a canvas she later scrubs on her knees with bleach; a face wearing an anatomically accurate vagina; bloodied fingernails fighting gravity to beat fate…

but Tenemos La Carne took the cake as the most bizarre and nasty film i’d ever seen

and i’ve seen a bunch…