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no knots

i’m thinking of you and

i’m telling you this

because it just occurred to me

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two legs, three-four time

a tall poodle with caramel curls

plodding along, unaware of leash, lax,

and silly bib, red,

the color of choice when declaring “i’m not a girl,

i’m not a boy,

i’m me!”

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i now

Oh, what would I do without you?


But clearly, I am doing,

without you.


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you’re everywhere

gravity draws

the ink from your pen

into your diary —

there would be no motivation otherwise

for ink to form

words like

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we weren’t friends, but

people i used to have brief but significant interactions with, who remembered me, the way i remember them now:

Graham at MetroRock

Jason at Dave’s Fresh Pasta

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catch up

the truth will be

a fist to your face

a blow you could not have imagined

without first seeing for yourself

the blood

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like French pigs in truffle season

everybody is hunting

for love


if you stare at the word long enough

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the moon

is nearly full

but for a sliver on its side

like my thumb after i had sliced

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a snail goes for a walk

in search of gentler sunshine

not knowing it will be her last

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